The One Stop Allergy Clinic

Allergy avoidance measures, Septoplasty / Turbinate surgery, Desensitisation therapy

At the ENT Consultancy, we offer a one stop allergy clinic.

This does not require a referral from your GP.

We often see patients who have suffered with symptoms of nasal allergy for many years. After trying many different treatments they still struggle with their symptoms. However, without knowing what you are allergic to, it is often difficult to determine what the best treatment for you is.

At the one stop allergy clinic, a team of ENT Consultant Surgeons & Specialist Nurses will offer a thorough consultation in order to help us pinpoint the underlying cause of your symptoms. We will also conduct skin-prick allergy tests at the same time.

We will then develop a management plan to offer you the best treatment available for your problem.

Treatments Offered :

  • Allergy avoidance measures
  • Topical therapy utilising the most up-to-date medications
  • Surgery including Septoplasty and/or Turbinate surgery
  • Desensitisation therapy

Cost :

£224 per consultation (including skin prick allergy test to common airborne allergens).

If required, we offer a skin prick allergy test only service for common airborne allergens. We are able to test for alternative allergens but these will be charged at an additional rate. Please contact The ENT Consultancy for further information.

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