Coming into hospital

Patient information sheets

Information provided which relates to medical conditions, treatments, procedures or other health matters is offered in good faith by experienced members of The ENT Consultancy team. Patient information sheets are for general guidance purposes only and are not intended to replace the need for consultation with a qualified medical practitioner.

Prior to your admission to hospital please contact your medical insurance company to inform them of the procedure code for your proposed surgery and to acquire a new pre-authorisation reference from them. When your insurer has authorised your procedure please inform our secretaries of the authorisation reference given to you by your insurer.

Details of your admission will be sent to you from the Bookings Department. This will confirm the date and time of your admission, eating and drinking instructions prior to your operation and other relevant details.

A medical questionnaire will be sent to you for completion. Please return this form to the Pre-Admission Department as soon as possible prior to your surgery date. Depending on your age, health, type of surgery and anaesthetic you may be asked to attend for pre-operative tests which may include blood tests, ECG, routine MRSA swabs. The Pre-Admission Department will contact you directly to make arrangements for this.

Surgery under general anaesthetic

If your procedure is arranged for a morning theatre list under general anaesthetic your admission time is usually at 7am. You may eat and drink as normal until 2am. Thereafter clear fluids (eg. water, black tea or coffee) may be consumed until 6am. If your procedure is in the afternoon under general anaesthetic your admission time is usually 12pm. You may eat and drink as normal until 7.30am. Clear fluids can be consumed until 11.30am. You should not drink any other drinks, eat mints, sweets or chewing gum. On admission to hospital the nursing team will complete your admission details and the Consultant and Anaesthetist will see you prior to your surgery.

If you are able to go home on the same day following a general anaesthetic procedure you will need a responsible adult to accompany you home and to stay with you for 24 hours following discharge.

Your post-operative follow up appointment will be arranged by the secretary following your discharge from hospital.

Surgery under local anaesthetic

If you are having surgery under local anaesthetic

You can eat and drink normally before your procedure. Depending on the type of surgery, you may be able to drive yourself home, however we recommend that you are accompanied where possible, but please ask your surgeon because for certain operations you should be driven home.

Your post-operative follow-up appointment will be arranged by the secretary following your discharge from hospital.

A ‘fit for work’ certificate (sick note) can be provided if necessary. Please ask a member of the ward staff if you require this.

Downloadable (PDF) patient information sheets – please click the link below