Fees and Insurance

At The ENT Consultancy, we are able to see both privately-insured and self-pay patients.

We aim to be fair with our fees and regularly assess what we charge, in order to offer our patients the best value care possible.
Whether you are insured or not, you should be aware The Forbury Clinic or local private hospital may also charge for any tests/procedures performed at the time of your consultation, as well as for pathology, histology and radiology undertaken at a later date. You should be aware that such charges can be costly, sometimes running into several hundreds of pounds. These charges are in addition to the consultant’s fee.
If you do plan to make a claim on medical insurance it is advisable to clarify with your insurance company the extent of your cover for treatment. The final responsibility for settlement of all bills rests with yourself.

Private Health Insurance patients

The ENT Consultancy is recognised by all of the major private health insurers. Most insurers require a referral letter from your general practitioner for you to claim on your insurance policy.
Prior to your appointment please check with your insurance company to clarify cover. Please inform our admin team of your insurance policy membership number and the authorisation/claim number your insurer provides for your appointment. We advise you update your insurance company regarding further investigations or treatment that may be proposed.
Invoices will be forwarded directly to your insurance company for settlement. The final responsibility for settlement of all bills rests with yourself.

Self-paying patients

If you wish to arrange an appointment on a self-funding basis please contact our admin team to discuss whether a GP referral will be required. We recommend you see your GP first to ensure the most appropriate referral but this would not be required for our one-stop clinics for ear care, sleep/snoring clinic and cosmetic procedures which have an all-inclusive fee (please see website for further details).

Consultation fees:

  • New outpatient consultation: £250
  • Follow-up outpatient consultation: £150
  • New telephone consultation: £160
  • Follow-up consultation: £100

Payment may be made on the day of your appointment or an invoice will be issued following the consultation. Payment may be made by cash, cheque, BACS or internet banking.

Outpatient procedure fees:

  • Ear micro-suction: £100 + hospital fee
  • Nasal Endoscopy (scope of the nasal cavity and sinuses): £100 + hospital fee
  • Nasal and Throat Endoscopy (scope of the nose, throat and voice box): £175 + hospital fee
  • Nasal cautery (for nose bleeds): £130 + hospital fee
  • Reflux testing: £155 + hospital fee