Our Facilities


We undertake the majority of our outpatient consultations and investigations at the Forbury Clinic.

For more information regarding this facility please follow the following link:

The Forbury Clinic


If you require an operation then this will be performed at one of the private hospitals in Reading.

The ENT consultancy currently operates at the following hospitals:

Circle Hospital
Berkshire Independent Hospital
Spire Dunedin Hospital

Coming Into Hospital

It can be a stressful time for patients. Please see the following information leaflet for more information on how the process works:

The ENT Consultancy continues to offer fast access to consultations and specialist tests during this Covid-19 pandemic, in a safe and low-footfall environment.

We offer initial telephone consultations, and will plan specialist
investigations in a timely manner, to keep our patients safe.

Visiting the Clinic
The welfare of our patients and our staff is a high priority. As such, we have introduced a number of Covid-19 safety measures that we ask our patients to observe when visiting the clinic.

When attending the clinic for your appointment, we ask that you come at your allocated clinic time to avoid overcrowding in the waiting room.

  • If the maximum number of patients is already in the waiting room you may be asked to wait in your car. We will then ask you to come in when it is appropriate.
  • Patients are required to enter the clinic wearing a face covering, and this should remain on for the duration of your appointment unless you are told that you are able to remove it.
  • When entering the clinic, we ask that patients use the hand sanitizer provided. We will also require you to fill out a screening questionnaire and our receptionist will take your temperature.
  • All our staff wear the appropriate PPE.
  • Further advice may be given by our secretaries if your procedure is deemed high risk.
  • We politely request that patients who have been abroad within the past 14 days, or who have a temperature/symptoms associated with Coronavirus, do not visit the Clinic. Instead, please contact us so that we can reschedule your appointment to a more appropriate time.
Should you have any questions or concerns about your visit, please feel free to contact us for help and advice.